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We help companies with increased brand visibility, consideration and awareness through organic account-based marketing strategies on Linkedin.

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Our Accomplishments

Success Stories

  • Thought Leadership Ads
  • Anzenna
  • Usermaven
  • Helia
  • Integrity Power Search

How We Generated $83,450 in pipeline and $23,850 in CLOSED Revenue from JUST 1 Linkedin Post (Adspend: $81.26)

Using a completely new funnel in 2024 to generate inbound pipeline using Linkedin Content and thought leadership. Read the massive ROI case study of Inboxpirates on Linkedin Ads.

10 Meetings Including Bloomberg for Early Stage Security Company Anzenna, in 3 months

Anzenna AI is a Human Risk Security Platform for midmarket and enterprises. They deep dive into visibility and user security posture management with security training and remediation. They also have a training product.

How we helped Usermaven boost LinkedIn reach with 6,000+ followers and generate leads using LinkedIn

We recently helped Usermaven, a privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative that focuses on the entire customer journey

How we helped Healia Health, a Healthcare Insure Tech Company, Fix their Email Deliverability for 20K+ emails.

Healia Health is an insure-tech company that helps companies in the US save over $16k per employee using the Total Care Option. They work alongside brokers to help save on rising healthcare premiums.

How Hyper Personalized Outreach Helped This Staffing Company Get 5 Meetings In a Bearish Investment Climate

Integrity Power Search is a boutique retained search firm for early-stage startups. They partner with early-stage startups that have raised funds to find top-notch talent. They’ve been excellent in assembling teams of popular startups like Duolingo, M1 Finance, Glassdoor and more.

“Inboxpirates Consulting has been crucial to our Growth”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Bharadwaj from inbox pirates and the fantastic job they do with lead generation.”

Waqar Azeem

Our Process

Boosting your Awareness

Find your ideal customers on Linkedin

Many marketing teams use standard filters like team size, account HQ, and job titles, but these often fall short, especially in the B2B space. We specialize in pinpointing the unique challenges businesses face, connecting you with companies that need your services.

Writing the best content

We understand the type of content that drives growth on Linkedin. We’ve grown brands from 0 to 10,000 followers on Linkedin with over 1 Million Impressions within 90 days. We’re able to deliver on the promise because of our super tech stack and research.

Scaling your Content Distribution

Creating good content on Linkedin is barely half the struggling. Finding the right content type, figuring out your commenting and invite strategy – setting up podcasts and webinars is where we see massive success.

How we do it

Demand Generation Using Emails

Every great outbound system comes in three main steps,

01. Find your ideal customers

We have a 10-step process to identify the best accounts to go after and leverage several tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Crunchbase, and Dun & Bradstreet to find your ideal accounts.

But it doesn’t stop there; every week, we identify patterns among the companies that generate the best positive replies meetings.

02. Writing the best copy

Did you know the average time spent on an email is less than 8 seconds in 2023?


It means your email should be less than 50 words, talk about your prospect’s problems and have the social proof and authority for you to convince them to a meeting.


We’ve helped write emails that got replies from the biggest tech companies, and we’ll do it for you as well.

03. Scaling the right systems

Cold emails are just a pain to scale in 2023. Likewise, LinkedIn takes a lot of work to automate.So, let’s do your dirty laundry.


We see founders get their cold emails to spam daily within the first 20 days of the campaign launch. SDRs who write great emails and close amazingly well must gain the nooks and corners when scaling cold email with the sales tech stack that Google or Outlook is okay with.


Inboxes Managed

Linkedin Outreach

While it’s easy to plug LinkedIn into an automation tool like Expandi, the real challenge comes from generating qualified meetings. Our outreach copies are catered towards your ideal customer profiles but sound conversational and curious with a different style than our email copies. This has generated more than 7-14% in reply rates with LinkedIn outreach.

7-14% reply rates

Linkedin Content

We’ve grown our profile to 9,000+ followers on Linkedin, and it was all organic.We have a diversified content and audience strategy that expands your network and uses an omnichannel approach combined with our cold email outreach.

12,000+ Followers

How Are We Different?

Inbox Pirates VS Others

Traditional Tech Stack



Blast emails to unqualified prospects

Weekly reporting

Complete process transparency

Personalize and segment lists

High-level sales and GTM strategy

Access to our entire tool stack

Omnichannel approach and follow-ups

Copy revisions that match your ICP

Email Setup, Deliverability & Reply Reports

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