How We Generated $83,450 in pipeline and $23,850 in CLOSED Revenue from JUST 1 Linkedin Post (Adspend: $81.26)




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Linkedin Thought Leadership ads meeting boooked

    Linkedin Thought Leadership ads meeting booked

Our Secret for Low Customer Acquisition Cost?

(Linkedin Organic Content x Linkedin Thought Leadership Ads🤫) 

What we sold with this campaign: 

  • Linked in Ads, Linkedin Content, Linkedin Outbound, Cold Email Outbound, Google Search Ads for B2B SaaS

  • Deal size: $6k to $15k depending on the activities we do, paid over 3 months.

We recommend watching this video case-study (37 minutes) 

It goes into detail about this thought leadership case-study 👇👇


Proof & numbers – The ones marked in red are the meetings booked

Linkedin Thought Leadership ads meeting boooked 

Take a look at the customer requests for meetings below: 

Please note that with thought leadership ads, you still have to initiate conversations with leads that send connection requests after looking at your ad. 
While some may directly book meetings from your calendar, others still require a human touch 👇👇

From organic post👆 from thought leadership ad 👇

Can this funnel work for you?


Go ahead and answer the below questions to evaluate if Linkedin Thought Leadership Ads is right for you.


  • You have a list of specific job titles that are involved in buying my product / service.
  • Your B2B product/service has existing case studies that I can market
  • Your customers are highly active on LinkedIn
  • You have customer lifetime value of at least >$10,000+

    Super important, because ads and labor are costly and new logo lead generation is harder than ever!

(I wrote this targeting B2B SaaS / Services industry with an active audience on top of Linkedin) 

Why Linkedin Thought leadership works better that other channels

  • Boosts close rate issues in international markets

  • Nurtured leads who have an idea on what you have to offer.

  • Positions you as an expert.

  • Low Acquisition Cost.

  • Extremely targeted unliked Facebook / Google Ads.

  • Your competitors aren’t doing this. 

  • New Funnel (Most people aren’t trying this just yet on 2024.)

The Actual Post That Brought $23k in Bottom Line Revenue

What Went Right With This Post

My profile’s engagement strategy 

  • I do 10-20 “real” comments everyday on top of people creating content around the topics I solve a problem on. 
  • I’ve done this consistently for 2 years now,
    so your results are NOT going to be the same from day one
    (But you need to start somewhere, right?!)
  • I nurture connections even if I can’t make money from them (This is super important if you’re sticking to a niche for a long enough time)

  • I do webinars from time to time that create “long term” fans. 
  • I’m super passionate about the problem my product/service solves. 
  • I love talking and communicating with my competitors.


Tagging people the right way 

  • Company pages get little to no attention on Linkedin, so if you tag the right people they will amplify your reach.
  • These set of people need to be selling something to the same audience, but not a direct competitor of yours.

  • Spamming people by tagging them on non-relevant posts without engaging with them first can backfire. 

Finding what your audience cares about 

  • This can happen one and only if you’re constantly talking to people who could pay you from your ideal customer persona
  • All the founders we manage Linked in for, we have weekly 1-on-1 conversations just discussing these topics 

  • Lurking around your competitor’s Linked in comment section, as well as maximizing calls with potential customers can be a huge add-on. 


    Physical events cannot be missed in the early stages of your founder’s journey. 

The perfect hook 

One of the really good things that makes people read posts is “hooks”. 

But it should be a hook you can deliver on,

for example when I say “Here’s how I’d get to $1M ARR asap-
I can guarantee the marketing systems someone would build from 0 to $1M.

I do not know about marketing systems in companies post $100M in ARR, so that wouldn’t be my hook. 

Pointless hooks without a content topic that’s new, is guaranteed to fail. 

The Profile funnel 

  • One of the things that hugely helped is figuring out the positioning of your profile and making it clear on your tagline, profile cover, & post descriptions.
  • This has to be understood by your audience within 11 seconds.
  • Stop using buzzwords. Trust me, irrespective of your vision,
    G2 is going to put your product in “one category”. Cut the BS. 

Relevant Case Studies

  • This helps in pushing people who are still on the fence.
    (For context, I’m Indian and we always have trouble building trust with anyone in the US) 


    Has a substantial amount of influence in actually closing the deal. 

Cons of Linkedin Thought Leadership Ads

  • Time to add people to your network (max 250 connections/week) 

  • Time taken to engage and create a brand around a niche (6 months) 

  • No concept of “evergreen” ads

  • Geography matters (?) 

  • You need to be in the trenches, documenting customer insights

  • Attribution 

  • Still need some human touch

How we did it

Our Linkedin Philosophy

  • Connect with people because you want to learn about their problems,
    not to push your solution.

    This is key and if you don’t get it – you’re probably a first time founder.

    I see B2B SaaS founders who love to come crying to a “lead generation” agency 2 months before their next fundraise desperate for the next lead. And this makes the agency burn your brand image, and bridges with these companies (Trust me it’s a very small world – 30,000 accounts in total in the US if you’re in B2B SaaS)

  • It needs time to work, because people buy after repetitive exposure,
    not after 1 random cold message
    (especially for products/services that are high ticket).

  • Take away for Founders: Start marketing from day 0. Please. 

Our Linkedin Connection Strategy 

  • Do not add all your customers to each account fast.

  • Check how frequently they comment

  • Split connection requests to thought leaders / engagement heroes & customers.

  • Thought leaders are people with 40,000 (and under 200K) followers that already have your active audience (doesn’t have to be all in your niche)

  • Engagement heroes are spotted by how frequently they comment on other posts

Our Linkedin Webinar Strategy

  • Invite speakers who already have a Linedin audience

  • Guarantee Q-and-A sessions

  • Use Linked in invites (1000 invites per person, per event)

  • Use only Linkedin live. (People can scroll Linkedin while listening to you)

  • Send SMS + Whatsapp + Linkedin Message invites

Our Linkedin Comments Strategy

  • Comments that say “great post” are not comments.

  • See comments as an extension of the post.

  • Tick on the notification bar and comment as soon as possible
    when a thought leader publishes something. 

Our Linkedin Contributions Strategy

  • 3-5 contributions a week per profile 

  • Don’t use AI, people can sense it. 

  • Add personal experience. 

  • Get a profile badge on a the niche you’re selling.

Our Hooks Strategy 

  • Use real numbers and screenshots 

  • Change “How to” with “How I” 

  • Carousels outperform videos 

  • Use the TEMA framework – Time, Experience, Money or Authority. 

  • Clarify misconceptions of the market. 

Our Ads Strategy

Before Implementing Thought Leadership Ads

After Implementing Thought Leadership Ads

How we find winning post topics

  • Taplio 

  • Customer Calls 

  • Comment sections of thought leaders / youtube / webinar q-n-as

Does this affect my brand image as CEO? 

Big NO! Look at the best B2B SaaS founders, even those, that are listed on NASDAQ. Founders like Adam Robinson of RB2B has scaled to over $2M Annual Reccurring Revenue with Linkedin content.

Will you do this for my SaaS / Service? 

If your B2B product has an

  • Offering with a customer lifetime value greater than $10,000. 
  • Your customers are active on Linkedin & 
  • You’re open to exploring new strategies for growth (and not in a rush for the next quarter) 

Absolutely yes!

I’d like to learn more about your services



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