How Hyper Personalized Outreach Helped This Staffing Company Get 5 Meetings In a Bearish Investment Climate


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Integrity Power Search is a boutique retained search firm for early-stage startups. They partner with early-stage startups that have raised funds to find top-notch talent.
They’ve been excellent in assembling teams of popular startups like Duolingo, M1 Finance, Glassdoor and more.

Challenges for Integrity Power Search

2 crucial challenges we faced:

01. Harsh investment climate

In the fallout of the 2023 funding freezes, startups started to save up on cash. This, combined with unemployment skyrocketing in the US, most tech talent, unlike the COVID boom of 2020 to 2021, weren’t ready to quit jobs. The existing job posts on LinkedIn skyrocketed from 50 applications to 700+ applications in hours. Hence, companies were hesitant to use external agencies for staffing.

02. Hiring freezes

Most companies, due to lack of foreseeable funding, also had decided to cut off their hiring for a while.


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Our Process

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Our Strategy

Finding the ICP

Challenges we faced

Lack of market need

Intense rivalry with numerous strong competitors vying for market share, making profitability and success challenging.

Extremely fierce competition

Most of the HRBPs were out of the office as they mainly worked on contract, and this was one of the biggest challenges for us to overcome as there weren’t any great channels for us to tap into without prospects opening their inbox.



Meetings, 3 Deals in the Pipeline


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