How we helped Healia Health, a Healthcare Insure Tech Company, Fix their Email Deliverability for 20K+ emails.


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Emails delivered


Insuretech, Healthcare


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Company size

50 to 2000+


Healia Health is an insure-tech company that helps companies in the US save over $16k per employee using the Total Care Option. They work alongside brokers to help save on rising healthcare premiums.

Challenges for Healia

2 crucial challenges we faced:

01. Very tight deadlines

Companies in the US completed open enrollment within two months before winter. The other problem was the registration was finalized at different months for different companies nationwide.

02. Channels used to reach the ICP

Most companies didn’t decide on healthcare enrollment over email and weren’t in office throughout the year. Hence, the availability was a huge challenge.


Email Delivered

Our Process

Generating the Best Leads

Root Problems

Finding the ICP

Challenges we faced

Confusion with brokers

The biggest challenge was communicating that we worked alongside health insurance brokers, as most people replied that they already had a broker.

Inability to reach stakeholders

Most of the HRBPs were out of the office as they mainly worked on contract, and this was one of the biggest challenges for us to overcome as there weren’t any great channels for us to tap into without prospects opening their inbox.



primary inbox placement


Emails Delivered


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