How To Grow LinkedIn Company Page Followers [6 Ways]

LinkedIn has become a powerhouse for business growth, but building a following on a LinkedIn company page can be challenging. The key lies in understanding the dynamics of the platform and implementing strategies that resonate with your audience. Here’s a guide on how to get organic followers on your LinkedIn company page.

6 ways to organically grow a company linkedin page

Why is it hard to grow a Linkedin Company Page?

One of the hurdles is that people generally connect and buy from individuals rather than faceless entities. Hence, the personal branding of company founders plays a crucial role in attracting followers.

Additionally, the LinkedIn algorithm often prioritizes personal posts over company updates. For every 5 organic LinkedIn posts shown from personal profiles, only 1 post is shown from a company page.

However, every job post or connection attempt prompts users to follow the company page.

How To Grow A Company LinkedIn Page?

While the challenges remain in growing a company page, it’s not impossible. Infact, I’d argue it’s easier as other people have given up on the organic growth of the pages, drastically reducing the competition.

1. Engage through the company page.

Commenting from the company page is an effective way to grab attention and drive website visits. Meaningful interactions enhance visibility and foster a sense of community.

2. Strategic Company Page Invites

Encourage founders and employees to invite up to 250 people weekly from their personal LinkedIn profiles. This personal touch can significantly boost your company page’s followers.

3. Webinars for LinkedIn Company Page Followers

Conducting weekly webinars with incentives encourages participants to tag and share the company page. This enhances visibility and establishes your brand as an authority in your industry.

4. Crossposting Job Posts

Increase your LinkedIn followers by crossposting job posts.

Job-related content attracts a relevant audience and contributes to the overall growth of your company page.

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5. Lead Magnets for Interaction

Post lead magnets on your company page, and reveal them only when users comment on the post. This not only boosts engagement but also helps in building a database of potential leads.

6. Employee Culture Updates

Encourage employees to tag the company page in their culture updates. This fosters a sense of pride among team members and showcases your company’s positive work culture.

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Best Practises for LinkedIn Company Page Growth

Avoid using the company page solely for external links or reposting content. The algorithm may perceive it negatively, impacting your growth.

You can checkout LinkedIn’s official guide on optimizing company pages here.

Instead, create engaging, native content that resonates with your target audience.


In conclusion, growing your LinkedIn company page followers organically requires a combination of personal branding, strategic engagement, and valuable content. Implement these tactics to unlock the full potential of your LinkedIn presence.